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  1. Kazizilkree says:
    What does lickspittle mean? lickspittle is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as A person who behaves obsequiously to those in power.
  2. Yotaxe says:
    Lickspittle definition: a flattering or servile person | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.
  3. Shaktijinn says:
    Aug 08,  · Word of the Week – Lickspittle. In all the ink spilled this week over Jeff Bezos’ purchase of the Washington Post, my favorite line comes from Gene Weingarten in an open letter to his new boss.. As the editor of the Miami Herald’s Sunday magazine, Weingarten and his colleagues refused to give front page coverage to the winners of the Silver Knight award.
  4. Kagacage says:
    lickspittle (n.) also lick-spittle, "sycophant, abject toady, one who will do any repulsive thing," , from lick (v.1) + stilidnewtapoto.nipafmilucadecketerwalarafa.infoinfo lick the spittle as a repulsive act is from s.
  5. Juran says:
    Lick-spit definition, a contemptible, fawning person; a servile flatterer or toady. See more.
  6. Shakagore says:
    Define lickspittle. lickspittle synonyms, lickspittle pronunciation, lickspittle translation, English dictionary definition of lickspittle. n. A fawning underling; a toady. or n a flattering or servile person n. a contemptible, fawning person; a servile flatterer or toady.
  7. Aragor says:
    Lickspittle (the etymology is pretty self-explanatory with this word) is part of a grand pantheon of English words for sycophants. We have bootlicker, toadeater, ass-kisser, apple-polisher, and fart-catcher wait, scratch that last one; a fart-catcher is a footman. The point is, we have many words for the sort of person who, you know, licks.
  8. Bamuro says:
    A lickspittle is a monster who appears in the Dragon Quest series. Related monsters Cosmo ghoul, Drooling ghoul, Frolicker, Lickity spit, Viper lickspittleFamily: Humanoid.
  9. Togor says:
    He's essentially a lickspittle of the British Empire.: En esencia, es un lamebotas del Imperio Británico.: That lickspittle Purbright demands our presence tout-bloody-suite.: Ese gusano de Purbright exige nuestra presencia en su maldita suite.: I'm a free man, lickspittle. Soy un hombre libre, parásito. His eyes quickly analyzed those around him - sycophant, lickspittle, provocateur, annoyance.

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